2018 Coach Biggs Letter

Dear Parents, Students and Supporters of OUR Fossil Ridge Football Program,

I am honored to be the head coach at Fossil Ridge. On behalf of our entire coaching staff and my family, I want to thank you for the opportunity to represent OUR community.

I promise to aspire to be a coach and leader that will not only win at a high level but will also impact the lives of thousands of kids for the better, kids both in and out of the football program. I humbly say to you this is not something I have taken lightly, and I have continued to push myself and my staff to grow and become the community leaders our school deserves.

My wife and I, Colorado kids, are honored to be back as leaders of the community and to have a chance to have a drastic, positive impact on our home. Our son Samuel is now 2, dressed in Fossil Gear, and running non-stop.

The true reason I sought out a career in coaching was for the opportunity to serve as a role model to players and help them develop into successful young men. After an entire year together, our coaches are proudly developing into a staff that echo my passion. I proudly tell you this staff was specifically sought out because they understand the platform football provides to have an influence in a young man’s life.

The key to our success is to develop student athletes into successful graduates on a powerful, promising path to being fathers, leaders, professionals and husbands. To achieve that, we will expect the best of our student-athletes every single day; to be champions every day, on and off the field. We will demand every student athlete achieve academic excellence, treat everyone with great respect, and give their best on their way to winning.

2 years into the development of this program, I am proud to see the values of our vision being implemented. We will continue to preach over and over again to our young people to “LIVE IN THE HARD.” To make the decision to be great in everything they do in life while understanding, the decision to be great will require extreme dedication, commitment and integrity. I continue to see our young men understand this challenge and the fact that adversity will come on the football field and in life. I see our players continue to get better at handling adversity and look forward to seeing them handle adversity this fall, our #1 Team Goal.

As supporters, we must encourage, not complain; motivate, not agitate; and be a team supporter, not an individual supporter.  Regardless of the outcome of our season (wins and losses), our athletes will be better people if we offer proper guidance. Keep in mind the real purpose of why our athletes are playing – use these times to prepare them for life – positive guidance will help them gain the most from their experiences in football. We ask that everyone commit to a standard of “LIVE IN THE HARD” so our program can continue to grow, but more importantly, our young people can continue to grow and become prepared for life long success.

We are on a journey to become a team that oozes our culture, R.P.M. & E.A.T. At the end of the season, we want to evaluate our team as the best in school history in terms of Relentless Effort, Positive Attitudes, and Toughness. 3 things we can control with our responses to events thrown at us every single day. Every day we will go through the process of making sure we demonstrate our program’s culture. The commitment to this process will lead us to the success we desire on and off the field.

From the bottom of my heart I need to thank our Booster Club, all of our coaches, all of their families, and most importantly the two people who fuel my fire every day and make me the luckiest man in the world, Denise and Samuel Bigelow.

I look forward to continuing this journey together this season and for seasons to come.

Live In The Hard, Rev Up, & Stay Hungry!

Zak Bigelow

Coach Biggs